The Global Financial Sector is undergoing a qualitative transition through the methods used in providing services and products, as a result of the remarkable technical development. Because the Kingdom is one of the first countries to keep pace with this development at all levels, the Saudi leadership launched its Vision 2030 to reduce dependence on points as a main source of income. Among these initiatives is the development of the financial sector through the financial technology lab carried out by the Capital Market Authority, which allows financial companies that rely on innovation to present their ideas, through which the founders found what fills their passion in establishing a company that means finding solutions to the challenges facing investment. In the real estate sector using financial technologies, believing in the importance of the real estate sector and the pivotal role it plays in diversifying the economy’s resources and being one of the most important sources of domestic product.

Rahan Capital aspires to make a quantum leap in the future of investment in the real estate sector in the Kingdom, in line with the vision that the Kingdom aspires to reach at the end of the current decade, by using financial technology by linking real estate funds and investors through its digital platform that provides many products and investment opportunities. For the largest possible segment of individuals to invest and develop their wealth in the real estate sector in the Kingdom quickly and safely. The companies work is based on what is known as financing collective ownership in real estate assets, which allows real estate fund managers to obtain investment by investors in return for units in the offered funds. Investing in the real estate field in the Kingdom in this way is a new matter, which we aspire to contribute to facilitating the investment process for the general public and advancing economic development.