Terms & Conditions


The terms and conditions of Rehan Capital Crowdfunding Platform (Terms and Conditions) are the general document that comprises of the terms and conditions of use of Rehan Capital Platform (the Platform), that are applicable to all its aspects, and are intended to set the general characteristics of investing through the Platform, and the customer’s approval of the terms and conditions is tantamount to signing.

Users of Rehan Capital Platform must read the terms and conditions of the Platform very carefully as they explain the details of the service provided through the Platform and specify the obligations and rights between the Platform and its users. Rehan Capital may amend, update and develop the terms and conditions of the platform from time to time, in order to protect its interests and the interests of users and visitors.

Rehan Capital Platform provides investment services in investment funds in the Saudi market, where both Saudi investment funds and investors can benefit, in which they exchange gains and risks, as investing in such funds is not free from high risks that may amount to the complete loss of the investment - God forbid - or the delay in dividend distribution. Therefore, the platform recommends reading the Investment Risk Statement and knowing that investing through Rehan is a long-term investment and suitable for long-term investors before making an investment decision.



I. Rehan: Rehan Capital Company, holds Register No. (7023531036) and dated (18/10/1442) and the license of the Capital Market Authority No. (2-65-2022) and has its headquarters in Riyadh.

II. The user: The natural or legal person who benefits from the services of the Rehan Capital Platform. 

III. The platform: It is the electronic platform of Rehan Capital Company, which is provided through the website of Rehan Capital Company to provide crowdfunding services by linking the investor to the investment fund managed by a financial brokerage company licensed to manage funds by the Capital Market Authority.

IV. Investment Fund: It is a fund in which the investors collectively bear the profits and losses, and the fund manager charges fees in exchange for the management.

V. Fund Manager: It is a financial brokerage company licensed by the Capital Market Authority that manages the fund for a fee.

VI. Real Estate Developer: It is the company responsible for developing the real estate project, which the fund manager contracts with for this purpose.

VII. Investment unit: It is one unit of the fund’s capital, owned by the investor once he subscribes to the fund.

VIII. Investment opportunity: It is every company listed by Rehan Capital on its website as an investment opportunity that has met the terms and conditions of the platform.

IX. Anti-Cybercrimes Law: It is the law issued by Royal Decree No. (M/17) in 1428.

X. Anti-Money Laundering Law: It is the law issued by Royal Decree No. (M/20) in 1439.

XI. Companies Law: It is the law issued by Royal Decree No. (M/3) in 1437 and any amendments to it.

XII. The Capital Market Law: It is the Capital Market Law issued by Royal Decree No. (M/30) dated 2/6/1424.

XIII. Investment Funds Regulations: issued by the Board of the Capital Market Authority pursuant to Resolution No. (1/219/2006) dated 3/12/1427 and amended by Resolution No. (1/61/2016) dated 16/8/1437.

XIV. Regulations for Real Estate Investment Funds: issued by the Board of the Capital Market Authority pursuant to Resolution No. (1/193/2006) dated 19/6/1427 pursuant to the Capital Market Law issued by Royal Decree No. (M/30) dated 2/6/1424.

XV. Services: These are all related services provided by Rehan Capital Company through its website and related services and subordinates.

XVI. The Authority: The Capital Market Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

XVII. Investor: The person (natural or legal) who invests in one of the investment funds through the Rehan Capital Company Platform and is authorized to use its services as a qualified investor to purchase units that are offered by any of the funds listed on the platform.

XVIII. Investment Portfolio: It is a non-bank electronic financial account created by Rehan Capital for the investor with a Saudi bank with the aim of buying units and benefiting from the platform’s services as stated in the investment agreement.

XIX. Website: It is the website of the Rehan Capital Company, through which it provides investment services in real estate funds (https://rehan.com.sa)) or any other domain connected to it or subordinate to it.

XX. Investors’ Register: It is the register of investors prepared by Rehan Capital, which includes the names of the investors, their nationalities, places of residence, unit numbers and reference numbers, in which Rehan Capital records all the activities that are received on the units issued by the Fund.

XXI. Fees and costs: It is a certain estimated percentage that includes the administrative fees and operational costs of the platform.

XXII. Rehan Property Platform: It is a technical platform for the transfer of unit property from the transferor to the transferee according to fees and costs determined by Rehan.

XXIII. Minimum Investment: The minimum sum of the total investments collected from investors in an investment opportunity during the investment round.

XXIV. Investment Round: It is the period during which the investment opportunity is listed on the Rehan Capital Platform with the aim of offering investments from investors.

XXV. Transfer of ownership: It is a process in which the share certificate is transferred from the transferor to the transferee.

XXVI. The transferor: Is the current owner of the units and is registered in the Funds Register.

XXVII. The transferee: Is the one who will own the units from the transferor at a certain value and be registered in the Investors’ Register.

Rehan Capital Platform

I. It is a collective property financing platform through which investors can buy units in real estate investment funds, where this service is offered by Rehan through an electronic platform and supervised through the electronic domain (https://rehan.com.sa).

II. The investment opportunity is presented by adhering to the Financial Market Law and the instructions for the financial technology experiment permit, where the Platform lists real estate investment funds in form of investment opportunities for investors to participate in them directly after the two parties, the fund manager who is the presenter of the opportunity and the investor, have met all the detailed steps of the terms and conditions of the Platform and any other agreements.

III. Rehan Capital does not provide advisory, counselling or guidance in favour of any investment opportunity, whether explicitly or implicitly, but rather offers investment opportunities in all impartiality, objectivity and complete transparency. Rehan Capital does not enter contract with the owner of the company or the investor, whether directly or indirectly, but rather its role is limited to being a party that facilitates the investment process through its platform, in accordance with the highest standards of transparency and safety.

IV. The user of Rehan Capital Platform must have the necessary capacity to contract and not be prohibited from using the investment account services under the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

V. Rehan Capital intends to provide the highest standards of transparency, confidentiality and efficiency in the platforms operations, and to ensure this, it may enter into agreements with other parties if it deems the need for that and this may lead to the suspension and temporary suspension of some services.

VI. The platform may provide new services from time to time without the need to notify the user of this in advance. Rehan Capital is the exclusive and sole owner and operator of the services of this Platform, whereby Rehan Capital is keen to apply the terms and conditions of the platform with all the modifications that occur to all users since registration and in a permanent manner.

VII. The user of the platform shall agree to allow Rehan Capital to verify the registration data using the services provided by the relevant authorities such as Elm Company, SIMAH Company or any other party that helps the Platform in completing the procedures to verify the information submitted to it. The Platform does not guarantee the results that come from these services.

VIII. The user of Rehan Platform must read the articles of the agreement, terms and conditions, and the amendments that may occur thereto from time to time and on an on-going basis, and the user will be deemed to have agreed to the terms by clicking on the “register” or “login” button on the site. The approved language shall be the Arabic language, and in the event of a difference between the Arabic language and any other language, the governing texts shall be the Arabic language.

IX. All terms and conditions apply to every person who visits the Rehan Capital Platform for any reason, whether they are registered there or not, and accordingly, the terms and conditions must be read and understood clearly.

X. Rehan Capital updates from time to time the terms and conditions of the platform, so users of the platform must revisit them periodically through the website (https://rehan.com.sa).

XI. Interpretations of the Terms and Conditions and an explanation of their purposes and concepts are subject to the provisions, regulations and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The judicial authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are the ones vested with the jurisdiction to decide on disputes that may arise the understanding and the implementation of these terms and conditions.


Registration on the platform

I. Registration on the Platform is done either through the “investment owner” or “investor” icon when creating the account on the Platform and providing it with the data required to complete the registration process.

II. If you are an investor, there is no fee that Rehan charges to complete the account creation process on the Platform.

III. The account can only be used by the person registered on the Platform, and the account cannot be used by any other person, whether that person is natural or legal. Accordingly, the password should not be disclosed, and in case it is lost or forgotten, the Platform will cooperate with the account holder to retrieve the password. The Platform may suspend the login if it deems that there is a case of the users account being hacked or the existence of any other technical suspicion.

IV. The user can communicate with the Platform through its various channels if they encounter any difficulties related to registration on the platform.

V. The user must follow his control panel and the e-mail that is sent from Rehan for all notifications related to the transactions that he entered.

VI. When cancelling or suspending the users account for any reason and without prior notice, Rehan Capital will refund any outstanding financial entries ​​in favour of the user, after verifying the financial information available to it and making sure that there are no other obstacles impeding the return of the financial entries. 

VII. In the event that the client wishes to close his investment account, he must send a written notification via his email and Rehan will accept the request and notify the client about the closure, unless the account has any financial obligation towards Rehan or the account is Detained.

VIII. The user of the Platform may need to go through the registration process to see more details of the services provided by the Platform.

IX. Rehan Capital is not responsible for any losses or damages resulting from any use of the Platform and the user bears all responsibility in relation to saving his data such as the password and similar data that must be saved.

X. Rehan Capital charges administrative and operating fees for the Platform and may charge other fees such as VAT and other government fees.

XI. Rehan Capital may suspend the service or block access to the user’s account on its Platform if the user violates the provisions of this Agreement or Rehan Capital is definitely or likely aware of the exposure of its Platform or its affiliated entities to illegal or unlawful risks, or if the Platform finds that the user has provided a misleading data or there are suspected security concerns.


Rectifying errors

The user acknowledges his commitment to all the procedures he takes through the REHAN platform and the investments he places. He also acknowledges his obligation to review his requests and the conditions of the funds in which he wishes to invest, examine and verify their validity, and when an error occurs, he has the right to object through REHAN’s customer service within a period not exceeding three days from the date of submitting the request. In case the user made a mistake in entering the data or information of the investment, he can amend the information by communicating with the customer service staff to request that such data be corrected, within a period not exceeding (24) hours from the time of registration of the application.

Dormant accounts

If the investor does not have initiated any activity including contacting REHAN by phone or Internet, logging into the account, or making an investment for 6 months at least. his account will be dormant, and REHAN will make an attempt to contact him using his contact information by mail to avoid cancelling his account. Anyway, user can claim to reactivate his account at any time.

Conflict of Interest Policy

I. The main purpose of the objectives of the policy of interests is to avoid that the personal, family or professional interest of any person who uses the Platform, including the Fund Manager, investor and Rehan Capital, affects the performance of their duties, this policy of interest is part of other formal policies applied in Saudi Arabia.

II. Cases of conflict of interest are considered, for example, but not limited to, cases where the company owner exploits the property, information and opportunities of the company, and establishes a company or a sole proprietorship, or owns shares or stakes in a facility that engages in an activity similar to that of the company, or accepts membership in a Board of Directors, or works in a rival company.

III. This policy primarily applies to platform managers, senior employees, board members, senior executives of funds offered on the platform, major investors or any person whose advice and guidance has a negative impact on the interests of the Platform and other related parties.

IV. The Platform regularly reviews cases of conflict of interest, and Rehan Capital may set up panels to consider issues that may involve a case of conflict of interest and disclose to the public through the company’s website about the actual or potential conflict situation and the impact that this case may have on any transactions that may affect the public.

V. The parties involved in the conflict-of-interest policy must familiarize themselves with this policy and abide by the provisions of this policy and any update thereto. Their positions should not be used to achieve private interests or misuse of the company’s assets, facilities and properties, and the confidentiality of information should not be disclosed or used to achieve personal interests and goals.

VI. In the event that there is a conflict of interest or the possibility of its existence and it has been disclosed, Rehan must obtain a written acknowledgment from the client of his understanding and knowledge of the existing or potential cases of conflict between the interest of the financial market institution and his interest.



It is prohibited for any user of Rehan e-platform to violate the Islamic law, or the terms and conditions of the Platform, or the rules and regulations, and the extant customs and traditions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Rehan Capital has the right to ban any person who submits misleading, false or fake statements or publishes or promotes any idea or product without prior permission from the concerned authorities and the Platform management.

. It Is Prohibited And Impermissible To Use The Platform For Illegal Purposes Such As Fraud, Deception, Unfair Dealing, Money Laundering Operations, Terrorist Financing Operations And All Illegal Or Unlawful Acts As Is In Effect In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.

In case the user commits or attempts to carry out an unlawful or illegal transaction, Rehan Capital will take the appropriate legal measures against the user, as stipulated by the Anti-Cybercrimes Law, the Anti-Money Laundering Law and other related laws, and Rehan Capital is entitled to claim compensation as a result of using the platform.

Data protection

When the data is entered by the user in the Platform, the user authorizes and allows Rehan Capital to store the data in its profile such as personal and banking data and use this data and make it available to the funds in which the user decides to invest.

Rehan Capital may request some data that it deems necessary to provide its services through the Platform, including, but not limited to, personal and employment data, address and bank details. Rehan and its affiliates are committed to the confidentiality of the information and that they are not available to third parties in any way except with the express consent of the user including, but not limited to the service providers who support us in the process of delivering full services as part as ease our procedures towards the. Except with the express consent of the user or to comply with legal or regulatory requirements.

Rehan Capital uses cookies through its website to improve and facilitate the services provided through the website in line with the interests and needs of the company. It may be used to collect anonymous user statistics for the purpose of understanding how visitors use the website and to assist in the improvement and development of the websites infrastructure and content. The user may not accept the use of cookie features.

Rehan Capital takes the highest considered standards, technical and organizational measures to protect all available information from manipulation, loss, or continuous access to it by an unauthorized party using the latest technology in this field.

Electronic Communication

The user agrees to receive communications from REHAN via the email he registered with. He also agrees that the writing requirement is valid if legally required in the agreements, notices and disclosures we send to him if it sent by email.

If user choose to receive SMS (text messages) from REHAN (when available), he agrees to receive promotional SMS messages on his mobile device. However, his consent is not a condition of investing or use REHAN platform. He can also opt out of receiving SMS messages at any time.

By agreeing to receive SMS messages, the user certify that he is over 18 years of age and that he is the owner of the mobile phone account or have the account holders permission to register the specified mobile phone number and he can incur any charges for mobile phone messages or data.

User also agree that he is solely responsible for all message and data charges that apply to the use of his mobile device to access the platform or use the Mobile Application. All such fees are to be paid by his mobile service provider.

User also understand that wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi or his mobile service provider may not be always available in all areas and may be effect changes in software, coverage or other services made by his mobile service provider or otherwise. Additional terms and conditions may apply to his use of the Mobile Application, depending on the type of mobile device on which he installs and use the Mobile Application.

Limitation of Responsibility

Rehan platforms responsibility is limited to presenting the investment opportunity presented by the Fund Manager, while verifying that it meets the necessary information.

The responsibility of the Rehan Platform is also limited to opening investment accounts for investors, enabling them to deposit money there for the purpose of investing in the offered funds. And the execution of investment orders according to the amounts and units pre-set by the investor. And then depositing the investment proceeds received from the Fund Manager into the investor’s account on the Platform, through which he can transfer the amount to his own bank account registered on the Platform.

Rehan Capital or its affiliated entities shall not be liable in the event of loss of profit, loss of business, loss of revenue, loss of all or part of an investment amount, loss of data, indirect or consequential losses.

The limits of the liability of the Platform or its affiliated entities are limited to its role as an operator, where it bears responsibility only for its deliberate breach of these terms and conditions, and the platform is not responsible for any unsuccessful investment process or in case it did not meet the formal or substantive conditions for any reason and the investor was not notified of that.

Rehan Capital Platform or its affiliated entities are not responsible for the performance and services provided by third parties, whether banking, technology, or any other party with whom Rehan deals with for the purpose of providing their services on the Platform.

The user bears full responsibility for the actions or operations that take place through his account on Rehan Platform and what is sent from the e-mail registered on the Platform or any other means approved on the Platform.


Rehan Capital Company is a profit-based company that provides its services within the legal framework and under the umbrella of the Shari’ah, with charges.

The user shall pay the applicable charges to the Platform directly to Rehan Capital or its affiliated entities as approved on its website and Rehan Capital will inform the user of the charges applicable from time to time, and Rehan has the right to decide such charges at its own discretion and authorize the user of the Platform to amend the debit and credit entries in the investment account for the purpose of verifying the integrity of financial transactions and correcting any error received.

Rehan Capital may change its charges at any time, and this includes all charges including but not limited to Platform charges or government charges and are collected in Saudi Riyals. Note that some charges are non-refundable in nature.

The investor shall bear all government charges that may apply to him such as taxes and other charges.


The user of the Platform shall agree to compensate Rehan Capital Company and all its affiliated entities in case of an actual or alleged violation or direct or indirect damage, whether material or moral, that may be caused to the company, its intellectual property or its trademark.

Intellectual property

The services of the Platform, its idea, content, design, construction, branches, materials, and its trademark “Intellectual Property” are the private indisputable property of Rehan Capital Company, it shall not be copied, imitated or modified in any way without the prior permission of Rehan Capital.

The content that is added by users to the platform, including documents, data, images, information, or others, is considered a private and exclusive property of Rehan Capital Company, and no one has the right to dispute it, withdraw it, disable it or replace it. Therefore, the violator shall be made to compensate the Platform for every violation or flouting of the conditions stipulated on this matter.

Complaints Policy

The user can file a complaint on Rehan Capital if they are dissatisfied in any way with the products and services offered on the Platform and Rehan team will make sure that the complaint is fairly and swiftly addressed.

Upon receipt of the complaint, the user will be notified of this, and Rehan team will continuously update and ensure that the response is completed as soon as possible.

Rehan Capital may refer the complaint to external parties such as the relevant regulatory and supervisory authorities.

IV. The user can file a complaint via e-mail: (info@rehancapital.com).

Investor Declarations

The investor has the right to view the investment opportunities presented on the Platform and invest in the appropriate opportunities for him upon registration as an investor after accepting the investment declaration and the draft investment agreement. The Platform has the right to impose additional restrictions or conditions on some investment opportunities offered through the Platform, and the investor must review and audit any additional restrictions that may occur on the platform.

The investor is obliged to review the terms and conditions of the investment opportunities in which he intends to invest before making an investment decision, and the platform is not responsible for any losses or damages as a result of his failure to read these terms.

The E-Wallet is a good way to implement the payment process on the Platform, and the investor has the right to use his investment balance or transfer it to his bank account approved on the Platform. The E-Wallet through the Platform or the transfer from the bank account or via the credit card or any other means of payment is considered one of the considered means to invest in the opportunities offered on the Platform, and accordingly the user must check the E-Wallet constantly and ensure that the data matches the operations that he has undertaken.

The Platform may have to request the signing of written conditions between users, due to the imposition of some conditions by the authority or some other regulatory authorities. The Platform is keen to provide investors with information and documents on a timely basis, either through the Platform, e-mail or any other means.

The investor acknowledges that he has understood all the terms and conditions and that all the data and information he provides to the platform are true, complete, valid and not misleading, and he is committed to updating his data whenever required or when Rehan requested and bears all responsibility related to the correctness and accuracy of the data and the investment choices they make, and Rehan Capital does not bear any losses or fees charged to the investor. When the investor agrees to carry out any operation, this means expressly authorizing Rehan Capital to carry out the operation.

The investor must be aware that Rehan Capital is a Platform that receives investment amounts because it is an intermediary between the investor and the Fund Manager and that it is not a party to the investment process and is not an agent or responsible for any party.

The investment is made through Rehan Capital website or application, and the investor must follow the steps and complete all the mandatory fields on the Platform in order to be able to invest. The investment process is considered effective if the payment is made on the same working day. And when there is any reason that hinders the arrival of the amount during the working day, the investment will be considered to have been made on the next working day.

The investor has the right to withdraw from the investment process within (48) of the completion of the investment process or before closing the investment opportunity (whichever comes first), and the Platform will recover the amount in the same payment method after deducting the charges. Otherwise, the investor cannot withdraw from the investment process.

The investment process is considered complete and fulfils the conditions as soon as the Platform confirms the receipt of the investment amount, and the investor receives an “investment confirmation” message either through the Platform, e-mail or text messages on the approved number on the platform.

Crowdfunding is a type of long-term investment, and therefore the investor should not expect quick returns on his investment. This type of investment is characterized by high risks that may expose one in some cases - God forbid - to the complete loss of the investment asset. Rehan does not provide future expectations for the investment opportunities listed through its platform, but rather it is an estimate based on the data available from the Fund Manager. The investor is responsible for the consequences, effects and risks of his investment decision.

The investor is not held liable for exceeding the amount he has invested except in the event of violations of the relevant terms and conditions, rules or regulations.

Fund manager Declarations

The user (the fund manager), whether a natural or legal person, is considered the owner of the investment opportunity who wishes to list his investment opportunity through the Platform, by registering on the Platform with the steps stipulated on the website.

The Fund Manager lists the investment opportunity after completing the data and documents that the Platform deems necessary to approve the opportunity. Rehan Capital treats these data and documents with high confidentiality, or it may share these data with other parties for the purpose of evaluation, verification or any other purposes that would raise the level of transparency and integrity.

The Platform stands neutral towards all investment opportunities, and one investment opportunity is listed with a maximum of (30) days.

Rehan displays reports displaying data on the investment opportunity and any element that would facilitate and regulate the investment opportunity, but the owner of the Fund Manager bears full responsibility with regard to the final decision to manage the affairs of his opportunity and has no right to seek claim from the Platform.

The user (the fund manager), is obligated to clarify the terms and conditions of his investment opportunity to enable the investor to review and agree to them before making an investment decision.